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What kind of equipment are you using and does it meet the current needs of your organization? Does it render your vision a practical and reachable target? Is it comparable to today's standards and able to deliver a professional sound, look and appeal? How old is your equipment and what warranties are in force in case of breakage or vandalism? An A/V assessment which includes a complete equipment inventory, will provide you a starting point for system integration, modification and/or upgrade.

Team (Churches/Organizations) 

A team assessment will analyze each members knowledge and skill level based on present task responsibility. It will cover troubleshooting, basic to intermediate hands on knowledge of audio engineering and videography using standard evaluation methods.


This phase includes calibrated acoustic measurements of your room, sanctuary or office to determine speaker placement for premium listening pleasure. Appropriate installation of in-wall or on-wall mounted units.. Measure the intelligibility of your current speakers and the dB level per seat. We'll also determine room resonance and if possible *tune your room. Additionally we'll assess the layout of your current building A/V strategy including WIFI disbursement and make recommendations based on the current need and vision.

*additional equipment required

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