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Purnell Media was born out of a vision of service and love for music. There are millions of people who's lives are enriched by the efforts of A/V companies, organizations and professionals committed to the discovery, research, manufacture, installation and maintenance of highly complex systems to the simplest of playback devices. 

We are a multifaceted audio engineering company who embraces the opportunity to serve clientele in residential and lite commercial markets including, home-theater, church, SOHO, concert and corporate presentation. With experience in system design and practical applications, we take great pride in A/V system assessment and design, making the most of innovation to present the highest quality performance audio system available. We have the experience to provide a professional solution, custom tailored to your application.




Franklin Purnell, GM

I started in the music industry as a recording engineer, mixing and producing after graduating from Trebas Recording Institute In 1990. Live sound reinforcement and production on numerous projects and events covering all spectrums of music are just a few of my achievements. I've built and customized recording studios, installed pro-sound equipment for churches, offices, and homes and provided consultations that range from system modification to complete upgrade. I bring a wealth of experience to any A/V enterprise and collaborate regularly with industry veterans and insiders on various music projects and events. An astute author, my accomplishments include writing for the 4Cproject blog, teaching a course on "Legal Issues in the Music Business" for the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) and providing A/V instruction through the "Music2MyEars Workshop" at the annual West Coast Music and Worship Conference (WCMWC).


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